Google Voice Finally Launches for iPhone and Only iPhone

Google’s very long awaited Google Voice app has finally hit Apple’s iTunes App Store. Yes, it is free and it works just as well as we all hoped. The only catch however is that it only works on the iPhone. That’s right. The actual Google Voice app for iOS only works on the iPhone. The iPod touch (even the newest model) and the iPad are both out of luck for now.

As a long time Google Voice user, I loaded the app onto my phone today and started messing around. I have used the BlackBerry version in the past and liked how well that one integrated into BlackBerry OS. Fortunately, Google has integrated its iPhone version fairly well and since this is only the first version, we can expect plenty of improvements in the future.

When you first open Google Voice, you will be instructed to login with your Google account information and then choose the number of the phone that you are using. Fortunately, past phones that you have used with either the web-based app or the mobile site version are saved and you can just tap one to set it as the number to call with. Unfortunately, the Gmail calling features that we’ve all come to love are not in Google Voice (they never really were actually and Google needs to really integrate the two).

I mostly use Google Voice to text message and function as a second phone line. Having used the stripped down and annoying to use mobile version of the site for seemingly ages, the actual iOS app version feels like nirvana. I’m sure I’ll find some flaws in it as I use it more, but Google really brought its ‘A’ game to the table. My biggest problem with the app right now is that I can’t install it on my iPod touch. Hopefully Google gets this fixed quickly because who doesn’t want to be able to text message via their media player?

Google Voice also integrates very nicely with your contacts. Even the pictures you have stored for them show up next to them during text message conversations which are of course threaded. The text messaging is far improved from the mobile site version and while it is not yet up to par with Apple’s own text messaging app, it is a lot better than some stuff I’ve seen on recent phones.

Long story short, go download Google Voice for your iPhone and take it for a spin. It’s free you know. Then come let me know what you think in the comments. Any features Google still needs to put in?

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