Official Google Voice App on its Way to the iTunes Store

For those who love Google’s Voice service, good news is here. TechCrunch has a source that claims that Google has already gotten its official Google Voice app for iOS approved by Apple. Its arrival time? The new few weeks. What’s the holdup? Google already made one that got rejected by Apple and needs to update the app to support iOS 4 and multitasking. Of course, don’t think that Apple approved this out of the kindness of its heart or its desire to keep its users happy. The FCC was involved and Apple decided that it was better to just let Google release its app than face the wrath of some heavy lawsuits.

Current third-party Google Voice apps for iOS don’t have push functions (you have to check the app manually for new text messages, calls, etc.) and are a far cry from what Android OS and BlackBerry users already have. I have used Google Voice on the BlackBerry before and have been hoping for this day to come to iOS for quite some time. Basically, Google Voice rocks when it gets its own integrated app.

It looks like iOS users will finally be able to get their hands on some real Google Voice functionality in the very new future. How many readers out there currently use Google Voice/Gmail calling? Will you be happy to install this new app on your iPhone? Hopefully a Wi-Fi enabled calling app like Gmail’s calling service will be integrated. Who doesn’t want to be able to make phone calls through their iPad or iPod touch?

While we all wait for this official Google Voice app to hit the iTunes App Store, leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Personally, I cannot wait for this to be available. Some of my friends already downgraded their regular calling/text plans and use Google Voice almost exclusively on their smartphones for nearly everything. Now we just need MMS through Google…

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