Google Voice App Finally Arrives on Apple’s iPod touch and iPad

Google Voice iOS app screenshot

GV is here for iPod and iPad

Google’s Google Voice app was released back in November for the iPhone but Apple’s two other iOS devices—the iPod touch and the iPad—didn’t get the app. In a strange twist, Google released an iPhone only version. The company has fixed that however, and is now offering the app for the iPod touch and the iPad as well.

Until now, owners of iOS devices besides the iPhone have been stuck using the dreadful mobile web version of Google Voice. It works, but it’s slow and annoying to use compared to a native app.

The only real difference between the iPhone and the iPad/iPod versions of the Google Voice app is the fact that you can’t actually use your iPod touch or iPad as a phone. Thus, you can’t call directly through the app. However, Google has a feature it calls ‘Click2Call’. Tap the ‘call’ button next to any contact and it uses the phone you have configured to initiate a call through the service. Basically, it works just like Google Voice on the PC. Too bad Google hasn’t implemented the free calling features that Gmail now includes. Now that would be impressive and turn your iOS device into a free phone as long as you have an Internet connection.

What are you waiting for? If you’re an iPod touch or iPad owner, go download the app from Apple’s iTunes App Store and try it out. Google Voice is an excellent service and even if you don’t plan on using it on a regular basis, it can function as an additional voicemail box with a different number.

Let me know how you like the Google Voice app on your iOS device!

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