Google TV: Sony versus Logitech

 Google TV has arrived and there are currently two companies who are making products that support it: Sony and Logitech. Both companies are tech experts and have a wide range of successful consumer electronics under their belts. If you are looking to get your hands on some Google TV fun, you’ll have to choose one or the other for now.  Here is the Wirelessground overview of Google TV compatible devices at the moment. As always, make sure you read up on the manufacturers’ websites before making a decision. Some features are more important than others for different people—it just depends on what you like and how you will use it.

Sony Internet TV

This one is a television with Google TV built-in. It comes in four sizes—24”, 32”, 40” and 46” at $599.99, $799.99, $999.99 and $1,399.99 respectively. Note however that the 24” model is not listed as 1080p on Sony’s website (it does say that it has 1080p upscaling, whatever that means on a non 1080p television). The other three sizes are all listed as 1080p and feature Edge LED backlighting. Intel chips power the models.

Sony’s Internet TVs also come with Sony’s massive controller for them. Think your satellite remote had unholy offspring with a BlackBerry’s keyboard. Yeah. I would have preferred Sony to just include a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, but hey, it’s better than having to buy a controller separately. You can also just use your iPhone or Android smartphone as a remote via an app.

Also keep in mind that these models have a lower refresh rate than some other televisions Sony produces. If you watch sports in HD, you might want to see if the refresh rate is acceptable before plopping down the cash.

Sony Internet TV Blu-ray Player

Sony also sells a Blu-ray player with the same features that are in its Google TV TVs. (I wish Google had named this differently.) Costing $399.99, it also has the massive remote its television cousins come with. If you need a new DVD player, this might be your best bet. It also is an attractive option if you already have a nice, big HD TV and just want Google TV functionality. Since Sony is making both, they’re practically identical.

Logitech Revue

The best part about Logitech’s Revue is that it is completely standalone. TV breaks? Not a problem like with Sony’s actual TV offerings. It also does not duplicate functionality if you already have a Blu-ray player.  The Revue also comes with a wireless keyboard/controller that won’t make your thumbs fall off. As with all Google TV products, your smartphone can also be used as a remote.

Also, the Revue has an optional video calling camera for $149.99. A steep price, but it does do 720p HD calling right on your TV. A smaller controller is also available for $129.99. It looks a lot sexier than Sony’s PSX/QWERTY/satellite remote and takes it cues from smartphones. It even closes.

So there you go, got an idea now what to look for when shopping for a Google TV device? More will be out soon of course, so if you don’t like the prices or features, a lot of competition is coming. Expect lower prices and more features in the near future.

Let me know which one you want.

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