Changing TV with Google

With the recent Google I/O developers’ conference, Google had their chance to unveil their latest goodies from their bakery. Besides the Froyo, there is the Google TV, set to compete with Apple TV. The Google TV is the first application of the Android operating system on another platform besides mobile devices. It will let consumers watch television, view content from the internet and even run apps downloaded from the Android App Store. Even with a standard television, consumers will be able to access content from the internet and run applications. This is done by using mice and wireless keyboards to input data.

Companies including Sony, Adobe, Logitech and Intel were together with Google in making the announcement during the conference sessions. Devices that would be used along with the Google TV technology include blu-ray video players, set-top boxes as well as televisions which have the Google software technology already built in. What makes Google TV handy is that it has be developed to work with the existing setup a consumer has in terms of satellite boxes or cable, With this major collaboration with numerous companies, Google hopes to reinvent the television experience by letting consumers interact, customize and personalize their television screens, much like a large smartphone.

These will be made available in the US sometime during autumn this year. This new technology utilizing the Android operating system will be primarily available in the US, which hopefully will be available in other countries afterwards. “As usual, we expect to make Google TV available in due course in other countries, but our plans currently only extend to the US,” according to one of Google’s spokespersons. The Google TV SDK or software development kit will be made available to developers “soon after launch,” sometime around 2011. Content will be made promoted and distributed through Google’s App Store.

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