Google’s next Nexus Prime gets a few more unconfirmed detail leaks

About two weeks ago rumors of a new Nexus device started surfacing on the interwebs thanks to the guys over at BGR. While the news was seemingly out of nowhere it piqued our interest as well as left a bit of skepticism as an after taste. The Nexus 4G as it was being dubbed could very well be the first Ice Cream Sandwich Android devices that will ohh and ahh the world. New details surrounding this mystery Nexus have surfaced and it’s getting better.

Initially BGR confirmed the new Nexus device would ship without the common soft keys found on the lower portion of pretty much all Android devices. Other details pointed to a 720p display, the site has now confirmed that the screen will be branded as a “Super AMOLED HD” display, which all in one breath pretty much confirms the speculation that Samsung was the manufacturing force behind the new Nexus device. Other details that were left flailing in the wind was its processor. We knew this mystery processor was said to clock in between 1.2 or 1.5 GHz and be dual to the core. Updates to the original leak have confirmed that the new Nexus will be using an OMAP4460 processor, just as it was initially speculated. It seems that the speculated codename has received a bump as well. Original thought to be called the Google Nexus 4G, it is currently codenamed as the Google Nexus Prime and the source claims it will stay under that moniker though its launch. The device will come fully equipped with the latest in Android, version 4.0 and in true Nexus fashion users will not have to worry about any bloat-ware from carriers or huge delayed updates as Android updates will come directly from Google. While the new Nexus Prime is slated to be the next Nexus device, the possibility of it simply being the Ice Cream Sandwich flagship device is surely still a possibility.

So more leaky goodness of this amazing new phone come to light. Are you interested yet? I know I am, Nexus branded or not this new monster phone makes me smile at the future of mobile. Let us know what you think of this new Nexus device from Samsung.

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