Google’s Nexus One is back up in the Developer market

Ahh the Google Nexus One makes it back into the news. Ok well maybe not “news” but the Nexus One is surely one of the most popular and legendary devices known to all of mankind… No really it is. But if you are not a developer you cannot get your hands on one. Upside down smiles for all of those who missed out. The Nexus One went up on the chopping block awhile back and made its way back to the world as a “developer” only phone (for good reason). The device did not necessarily do so well with the consumer market and Google essentially pulled it, leaving only the lucky Android app developers the chance to get one.

After the initial cut off from the consumer world the Nexus One  was restocked and sold out to developers within a matter of hours – or at least it seemed – and for good reason.  Good news if you are a developer, Phandroid got some info that there back in stock. But if you’re not a developer, for an additional 25 bucks you can get on the list and pick one up. But hurry, cause if the stock levels are as low, or the developer community is still as hungry for the Nexus One these things will be gone by the time I’m done writing this.

So potentially we will see this again, however, we won’t know until the restock hits the interwebs. So go pick one up, but don’t complain if they’re gone by the time you get there.

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