A Gaggle Of Google Nexus 4 Accessories


Your Nexus 4 is a miracle among smart phones in many ways. Its design, computing capabilities and over all functionality may be very familiar to every other smart phone ever made, but this one is an Android from the horse’s mouth! Google has taken their Nexus line up of devices to the next level with the Nexus 4, Nexus 10 and of course the infamous Nexus 7. Made by LG the Nexus 4 is the only phone of the bunch but is a solid new handset with an amazing set of features that competes with any flagship available to date. The Nexus 4 is indeed all knowing and powerful, but unfortunately it is not indestructible and may need a bit of help in the charging and syncing department. Luckily for you and your new phone, we have all the best in Nexus 4 accessories you’ll ever need.

First up…power! Yea, you’re Nexus 4 comes with 2100 mAh battery, a power sipping Snapdragon S4 processor and a highly capable Android operating system version 4.2, but none of this will get you the juice you need, when the low power indicator starts buzzing! We carry a wide variety of Nexus 4 Chargers. Take this perfect LG Nexus 4 Travel Charger with Micro USB Cable for example. This simple and highly compact travel charger can easily plug into any standard wall outlet and simply connect to your Nexus 4. The included Micro USB cable can also be used with other USB based power adapters as well as a connection to your PC or Laptop for both charging and syncing needs. When you’re on the road, don’t let the low power blues effect you and your phones capabilities. With a simple but highly effective LG Nexus 4 Micro USB Car Charger like this one the power you need whilst on the road is just a simple connection away. This slim and low profile style car charger can easily give your Nexus 4 the charge it needs to keep going. This car charger can also charge thousands, of other micro USB based devices so whomever you’re traveling with can also charge when needed! With the two most common power sources perfected remember your data cable can also charge. This perfect LG Nexus 4 Retractable Micro USB cable is a excellent companion to keep around for those impromptu syncing sessions as well as a perfect and easy way to get piece of charge when on the run.

With power out of the way, keeping your Nexus 4 safe and close by becomes paramount. With our growing and awesome selection of Nexus 4 accessories you can surely find an excellent case that not only fits your phone, but also your life style perfectly. This Nexus 4 Book Style Leather Case by Monaco offers an awesome combination of premium leather materials, functional design and solid protection. This case is handmade from genuine cowhide leather; sport double enforced stitching and is built on a simple leather bind. The closure is both magnetic and a button as to ensure security when in place. The case offers up full access to all buttons, ports and features and also proposes a belt clip option with included hardware. Another Nexus 4 case option can be found with this Nexus 4 Wave Gel Skin Case. This simple skin style case is made from a high quality, high density and shock absorbent TPU or Gel Skin material that wraps around your Nexus 4 like a glove. With a matte and partially gloss finish you can expect a very grippy case. Additional grooves cut into the side of the case will also offer up just that much more grip. With access to all buttons, ports features and functions you can expect exceptional protection with a very slim build.

With your Nexus 4 fully charged and ready alongside some awesome functional protection, you truly don’t have to worry about your smart phone anymore. Check out all the best in Nexus 4 Accessories today.

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