Google Maps update looks to please the walkers


The infamously notorious Google has done it again. It seems with the combination of Google Instant and the launch of the new G2 has the folks at Google in a update frenzy. In the past some odd hours we have seen the official launch of the stock Android G2, an official update to Google’s Voice application and an unofficial update to Google’s Voice Actions via the G2’s OS. But it looks as if another update is making its way to the market place today and if you don’t have a car, well this one may help you out tremendously.

Awhile back a woman in the Los Angeles area attempted to take Google and its Map application to court, based on the unfortunate turn of events that she encountered supposedly using Google maps to take a walk. Now I’m not sure what, if anything came out of that case, but today Google is updating Google maps with the walking crowd in mind. The most current version of Google Maps is version 4.4, today at a small Google Mobile event in London, Google’s very own director of mobile products stated version 4.5 is on the way should be hitting the market within hours.

The idea behind the walker update is simple enough, “We had the idea that people are now navigating using Google Maps, getting turn by turn navigation in your car, so now we’re launching a walking version of that.” The new version brings some very helpful features to those who are walking, the update will suggest new routes that avoid “hilly” travels and will look for an alternate route with less inclines. The update will also automatically show your route in satellite, helping one better catch what may be around them. Another really cool update “You can also mute navigation voice guidance; sometimes you might not want Google telling you to turn left when on the street, so you can turn it right down, and it will vibrate every time you need to look at it and get a new instruction.” So no crazy computer voice telling you what to do, if you need to turn or be aware of something your device will buzz just as if you received a text. The update is also bringing some new features to the applications street view, with 3D viewing and interaction.

So if you don’t have your Google apps set to update automatically within your Android device, check back to the market place as this update should be available anytime now.

If you got the download let us know what you think.

*Update: The update to 4.5 is a manual update, your “update automatically” status won’t help. Downloading now, its truely amazing the amount of premissions this app requests.

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