Google Maps update 4.2

The Google Maps application for Blackberry devices has been in the news lately coming under fire from lost women who claims the mapping application put her in harm’s way. Well today there is good news from the Google Maps camp. Google has released a very much needed update to the application that can be found on most all Blackberries’. Enter Google Maps 4.2.

Updated with many new features that are sure to impress, the new 4.2 version of the Google Maps application is packing some helpful new features. The update includes a new bicycling route feature, as well as a mobile sharing feature and what Google is calling a “simplified search results page”.

The simplified search results page is giving the user instant images, one touch directions, phone dialing as well as other users rating on the location searched.  

The mobile sharing feature added to the ever popular application is letting the user with one touch shoot over the locations details to whomever you choose via text or email. The details of this text or email would give the recipient the locations address, phone number, and even images of the exterior, this giving anyone interested no reason to have to miss the great steak house you picked for lunch today.

 With the bicycling update to Google Map mobile, avid bicyclists will be able to map out there daily routes directly from their Blackberry’s, the PC based version of Google Maps is instrumental for bicyclists as it lays out the route one would like to take. Simply enter an address as your starting point, and select bike-only and you’re on your way. With this update the routes can be with you at all times showing you roads that have been considered safe as well as showing roads with bycicle lanes. Whether in the mountains or on the streets this update to the Google maps application will be sure to win over Lance Armstrong and friends.

You can get this update for your Google maps application at, simply go there on your BlackBerry’s browser and click through the prompts. Then come back and let us know what you think of the update.

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