Google Maps Version 4.4 Brings New Features

Google has released version 4.4 of its popular Google Maps software for the BlackBerry platform, and it’s ‘Places’ feature has finally made an appearance. The feature lets you search for specific places and things like gas stations, ATMs, etc. Besides this, new version of the software brings a lot more with it.

Google Maps v4.4 for BlackBerry includes a plethora of new information now. Business hours, photographs, links to menu listings and more all now appear when search. Don’t forget, you can use your voice to search also. While I am not a big user of the voice search features that have been popping up from Microsoft and Google lately, I am sure some find them useful.

The new version of Maps is available here, from Google, just in case the standard has not gotten the update yet (it had not earlier today).

What are you waiting for? Go download this right now. Even though Google might be becoming the next Evil Empire in reference to Microsoft’s former domination, it certainly does make excellent products. The best part about most of Google’s stuff? It is free. I guess that is a luxury you can take when you practically control searching and advertising on the internet. Tell us what you think of the new version of Google Maps and let me know if there are any new features that I may have missed. In the meantime, happy finding new places to roam!

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