Google, HTC and Verizon to launch a tablet for the holidays.

So today marks a day that will forever be shrouded in our minds history. Ok well maybe not today, but with the information leaked today, we may see something really special from HTC, Google and Verizon in the next coming months. Hopefully you have been good this year and even if you haven’t this shouldn’t be too expensive.

Chrome OS anyone? New information of this tablet has been posted by Download Squad and is getting some people very excited. The rumored tablet is said to be running Google’s very own Chrome OS, it will be manufactured by HTC and be on sale November 26th via Verizon. Being that the 26th is Black Friday, my estimation on these things price tag will be free ninety nine, or even a buy one get one right out of the gate, you know how those crazy black Friday sales get. Download Squads rumor comes from an unnamed source and is indeed taken with a grain of salt. However, what their source is telling them does indeed make complete logical sense. The rumors of HTC and Google making a tablet have been circulating for some time now and are essentially thought of as inevitable and a exclusive partnership with Verizon, well come on that’s a no brainer.

To further the chatter on this upcoming tablet, Download Squad as posted some – as they put it –“likely specs” of the upcoming tablet. The site states that the tablet will most likely, be based on NVidia’s Terga 2 Platform, a 1280×720 multi-touch display, 2GB of RAM, 32GB SSD, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and a front facing webcam.

So bust out those salt shakers on the details guys. But however this thing looks, who ever it’s made by, or whoever releases it under their moniker, you can believe that the Google Chrome tablet should be impressive to say the least.

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