Google Gets Palm Top UI VP

Palm’s VP for User Interface, Matias Duarte has jumped ship to Google. This is the first key transfers from the ailing smartphone manufacturer since Hewlett-Packard publicly announced their plans of purchasing Palm. Under Google, Duarte is expected to bring his expertise from the Palm Company. Although the OS for the company has not performed quite as well as Android’s, its user interface has been highly regarded.

Before working for the company, Duarte used to work for the companies Danger and Helio. Under Danger, he worked with Andy Rubin, co-founder for the company. Duarte will be working again with Rubin, who is now the head of Google Android’s development.

This collaboration between Rubin and Duarte is hoped to make wonders. The Google Android is well respected as a function operating system for the mobile device. It is a reliable OS which allows users the device to perform tasks well. The problem lies with its user interface. Amongst the major players in the smartphone industry, the Android’s is one of the least impressive. The reverse is true for Palm and their WebOS.

HP has just recently purchased the Palm Company. Unfortunately for them, this means for problems for the company. Although a number of high ranking executives have left the ailing Palm before it was purchased, its core design and engineering team have remained intact. That was the case until now. HP needs to be more rigorous in keeping their other employees from leaving otherwise there will be nothing left for them to utilize.

Just this April, HP publicly unveiled their plans for purchasing the Palm Company for the sum of $1.2 billion. The company is said to be interested in investing in the WebOS in the hopes of producing their own tablet computers in the future, possibly one that would rival the iPad.

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