Google App Gets a Much Needed Update For BlackBerrys Today


Users of Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry smartphones should be happy—Google has just updated its mobile app to better integrate BlackBerrys with its ever increasing cloud services. A lot of new search features have made their way into the new app version. It is free after all, so I cannot help but recommend that you take a look at it.

So what is new here Google Mobile App for BlackBerry? The last big update to Google Mobile added the ability to search your emails and contacts. The new version lets you search through pretty much everything that you have stored on Google’s servers. Think Gmail, Google Contacts and Google Docs.

Of course, users will still only be able to view Google Docs and not edit them through their smartphones. Bummer, I know. I have used Google Docs quite extensively in the past and while it certainly is an intriguing concept, Microsoft Word is by far still my word processor of choice. I also have a hatred of OpenOffice due to its desire to crash every 15 minutes. For cloud based word processing, Microsoft’s Silverlight powered options seems to be the best as far as I have tested.

Google is playing up its use of https (the more secure version of http) with its app. That’s good news, but seriously, Google needs to add a spell checker that works properly and actually has enough words in it to keep everyone from having to add a dozen new words a day when trying to type out anything beyond ‘Dick and Jane’ level writing. I would not recommend Google Docs as an alternative to a standalone word processor, but it works excellently when you need type up something quickly or from a computer other than your own. Gdocs is still around Microsoft Word version 5 or 6 level to be honest. Far better than WordPad but nothing like Office 2010.

To get the new version of the app, head over to

Let me know how you like the updated app! Cloud based word processing gaining a small spot in your heart?

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