Google forms the Ultimate Android Alliance with carriers and OEM’s to help keep our devices updated in a timely manner

One consistent rag from my iPhone toting nemeses is that “Hey hopefully you’ll get a new update soon” and I usually have no real response or ‘ammo’ to fire back with as I just like any other Android user is at the will of the OEM’s and carriers to get my updates. Yesterday however Google announced that they along with many other OEM’s and carriers will make this updating process a bit smoother and essentially faster. You can see the problem with this OS updating issue with the likes of Samsung being taken to court by end users who just simply wanted to get their Froyo on. Before this alliance there was no real structure to if and when your device would get the latest in Android, with this announcement Google and its partners have finally recognized this fragmentation issue and are doing something about it!

A list of who’s who in the mobile sector is joined to this almost unholy alliance. All major carriers in the US including, Verizon, At&t, Sprint and T-Mobile have joined the good fight, along with a slew of OEM’s including HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson of course this list is sure to grow internationally and domestically. Google and its partners have agreed to keep your device updated to the latest version of Android for up to 18 months after it’s released. This will come with potential hardware requirements in the future, where as your devices specs are not compatible with the newest version of Android etc.

While this all sounds like something that should have been implemented from the day one, the details of this venture are still a bit un-solidified. When questioned on the details of this pact exact details could not be answered. Google mentioned during a Q&A session after day one at I/O that getting all OEM’s and carriers in line for consistent updates is “a logistics problem” which is more than understandable and should probably fall just under a logistics nightmare.

While the intent means more than the details at this point it seems that if you want Android and the latest versions consistently, your best bet (and always has been) is to get yourself a Nexus model. If not after about a year and a half your device may not ever see an update again. More details are sure to come once this is all figured out, but in the mean time let us know how you feel about Android’s updating system or lack thereof. Does the latest version of Android mean much to you? Let us know what your think below.

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