24k Gold Blackberry Bold 9700

The Blackberry Bold 9700 has been in the news recently as it has become what I call a white-berry, but this Gold Bold 9700 takes the cake, and eats it too.  The white Blackberry Bold9700 has been intriguing to most as the standard black that Blackberry likes to use is not fun and is simply not cutting it any longer.

Enter Stuart Hughes, we first introduced you to him on our site with his amazingly overpriced iPad case, which has seemed to cause a least a stir within the well to do/ celebrity arena.  The Gold Blackberry Bold 9700 also comes with snake skin options (yeah), The Stuart Hughes company is claiming the snake skin on the back of the device is from a Python that originates from Indonesia. The company has taken a good “old fashioned” Blackberry Bold 9700 and have turned it into a walking investment, or emblem for your chain or coaster for the people that can afford this thing. The Stuart Hughes Company has released multiple phone models, gaming systems, bikes yea bikes, that are dipped in a slice of the Gold element some of which are embezzled with diamonds and most are just down right out of control.  The Stuart Hughes gold Blackberry Bold 9700 is reasonably (for the “fashionista”) priced at £1,595 which translates into about $2,291. All I have to say is don’t let it drop in-between your car seat, as 2k down the drain would not be so great, oh wait I forgot 2k is nothing to a “fashionista”

So Stuart Hughes, whenever you’re ready to shoot me over a sample for review I will be glad to host the item! This is assuming I can keep it, (then melt it).

Overkill or are you getting one, let us know what you think!

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