Geolocation for BlackBerrys without Using GPS

Research In Motion is storming ahead with a new feature for its Locate Service—the ability for developers to quickly get a general idea of where you are without having to drain the battery by activating your BlackBerry’s GPS. This is good news for both users and developers.

Now you will not have worry about the considerable strain that GPS places on your battery and still be able to get features that apps offer based on your location. Of course, developers are probably salivating at the news since it also lets them offer location targeted advertisements which is the new big thing in advertising circles. I have to admit, it is a lot nicer to get ads for local services than a generic one that promotes a company that might not even be anywhere I am at the moment.

While the ability to triangulate a phone’s position based solely on nearby cell towers is nothing new, Research In Motion (RIM) adding it as an easy API call for app developers should be a boon to anyone looking to get a quick fix on a location when there is no GPS signal or when activating the phone’s GPS is not an option (like when you are looking to save on battery life). While triangulation is nowhere near as accurate as good old GPS, it works in a pinch. Presumably the feature is part of all of the updates that RIM has been putting out in anticipation of its BlackBerry OS 6 launch.

So are you concerned that there are now so many ways to track you and your BlackBerry?

 Worried that RIM wants to open up the platform to advertisements based on your location?

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