Two Awesome Games Coming to iOS: MeatStroke and Army of Darkness

Apple’s iOS platform is getting two amazing games in the very near future. An Aqua Teen Hunger Force game titled ‘MeatStroke’ is already available in the UK and should be showing up very soon in the US, and ‘Army of Darkness’ will be arriving in early 2011. Yeah, I know. I am a nerd for liking these games, but both Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Army of Darkness are very close to my heart.


Fans of Aqua Teen Hunger Force should be sure to snap up this title. Going for only $0.99, it promises some chuckles and at least a few hours of amusing gamplay. If you are easily offended, Adult Swim—the maker of this game—is probably not on your list of channels you watch. In that case, I would recommend you avoid it. What is the game about? From the developers:

“Everybody loves the sunshine, but land on the sun and your roast is toast. What every piece of meat needs is a cool refreshing shower or a cuddle from a cloud.”

Yeah, in the game you control the lovable ‘Meatwad’ character. A literal meatball that rolls around and brings his childish persona and naïve actions to the hearts and minds of adults and teenagers everywhere. I know, awesome right? Here is a clip from Adult Swim to promote the new app:


Army of Darkness

Army of Darkness is a classic cult movie that stars Bruce Cambell. You have probably seen at least parts of it at one time or another. Trust me, it’s a classic. The iOS game promises plenty of action and will be a tower defence styled game. It will also have all of those great Cambell quotes. Can’t wait to kill some deadites with your chainsaw or boomstick? Neither can I.

Here is a brief summary of some classic quotes from the movie just to jog your memory. (Warning! Not the safest thing to view at work as it does have some violence and some language.)

Let me know if you want either of these games! Personally, I am more excited for Army of Darkness, but who can resist the charm of Meatwad?

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