A Galaxy S IV Mini and a Galaxy Watch Rumored to be Cooking In the Samsung Kitchen


A Samsung Galaxy S IV Mini, or Galaxy Watch anyone? Samsung is an amazing company and all eyes are on them right now as we all want to see what the mobile powerhouse will do with their next iteration of the Galaxy S devices. The soon to be flagship Galaxy S IV is currently drowning in rumors and it looks like variants built from it are also hitting the rumor mill. While the Galaxy S IV reports are heating up more details continue to emerge surrounding the companies upcoming launch event. Not only will Samsung announce the GSIV, but a GSIV Mini and Galaxy Watch!

According to SamMobile.Com who has a solid history reporting Samsung rumors the company will announce the three models alongside each other at their upcoming event March 15th. The Galaxy S IV Mini is assumed to be similar to that of the Galaxy S III Mini, a scaled down variation of its bigger brother. The GSIV Mini is said to currently be code named Serrano, aka Project J Mini.  The device is also said to be able to share most accessories that the larger GSIV will use however that Samsung Qi inductive charger will not be compatible. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is currently code named Fortius, which means stronger in Latin. While the details on the Galaxy Watch are slim to none, it is assumed that Samsung will be producing the watch to compete directly with the rumored Apple smart watch. Additionally however a list of accessories from the J-Project include an arm-band, a bike mount and pouch that are considered compatible with the watch. Project-J is essentially a code name that encompasses all of Samsung’s new Galaxy moves. So the GSIV, GSIV Mini and Galaxy Watch are Project-J devices. A list of accessories for these devices has also leaked and is specific to each model. The Galaxy S IV, aka Altius will have a clear cover, a flip cover, a protective cover, a pouch, and an extra battery kit, a wireless charging kit, an HDTV adapter, and a headset. The GSIV Mini has a clear cover, a flip cover and protective cover options. While Project-J continues to move forward behind closed Samsung doors the anticipation to the rumored March 15th event continues to grow!

Anyone interested in a Galaxy S IV, Galaxy S IV Mini or Galaxy Watch? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think the new Galaxy line up will offer.

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