Samsung Galaxy S IV Features to Share the love and a new Purple Galaxy S III



The Galaxy S III is not dead yet! Samsung has recently announced their latest feature heavy Galaxy S IV. The device sports a slightly new design and a slew of features that makes most other smart phones green with envy! But the Galaxy S III is not dead yet! The Galaxy S III is by definition a bit dated now that the new kid is on the block, but don’t expect the GSIII to go quietly. The smart phone that has been found in hands all around the world is getting a color refresh with at least one carrier as well as a few details from the GSIV.

In the next few weeks the Samsung Galaxy S IV will be hitting many national carriers, including the Now Network, Sprint. The carrier however may have a new color code to add to their inventory listings. The purple Galaxy S III you see before you is expected to launch sometime in April, which is right around the same time the S IV is set to hit shelves. While additional details on pricing are excluded from the evleaks, leak it may be safe to assume the G SIII will be rather affordable in the coming months. But the best part about this new GSIII and even original models is Galaxy S 4 features! Some features from the new Galaxy S 4 will make their way into the systems of Galaxy S 3’s. Nick DiCarlo is the Vice President of Samsung’s portfolio planning and has gone on record with PCMag explaining that some new software features found in the S4 will make their way to the S3! With that said, it may also be safe to assume some of the same features will be found in the Note II models as well! While the exact details of what features will make the journey are unknown it should be pointed out that this update will not see all features found in the S4. It is expected that these new features will make their way to our beloved S3’s when the Android 4.2 update is delivered, so don’t hold your breath!

Anyone interested in a Purple Galaxy S III or some of those awesome new features found in the S 4? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think! And remember that the very best in Samsung Galaxy accessories can be found here.

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