The Galaxy S IV Keeps Its Buttons, But will Lose S-Pen Hopes and Dreams


The Galaxy S IV to keep its home button and not gain S-Pen functionality? Smart phones like the Galaxy S series handset bring with them a lot of anticipation. Since the launch of the Galaxy S III, S IV rumors began to fly. Some outrageous, some practical but unbelievable and others seemingly fitting. Recent rumors surrounding the Galaxy S IV have been building momentum and making the anticipation almost unbearable. Luckily for us, industry insiders are just a curious and tend to let out some details hey most likely shouldn’t. Recently the Galaxy S IV was rumored to lose its home button and gain S-Pen abilities, today a bit or news changes that outlook.

The home button and close by navigation keys are seemingly a thing of the past for future iterations of Android, however Samsung seems to like them. The is a Korean based tech site that thinks they have the scoop on the company’s outlook on buttons and pens. According to the source Samsung has decided to keep the home button and pushed the S-Pen back into its Note only standard. Earlier rumors claimed that the S-Pen would become a more universal accessory for all of the Galaxy devices. While personally we wouldn’t mind the loss of buttons and the ability to use an S-Pen, Samsung knows best….maybe. The Galaxy S IV in case you haven’t been paying attention, is rumored to be a 4.99 inch touch screen device that will offer a full 1080p HD resolution and use an AMOLED panel to make it all happen. It is also said to use a 1.8 GHz dual core Exnoys 5 Octa processor and pack in 2 GB of Ram. Additionally the Galaxy S IV will sport 4G LTE connectivity, NFC, expandable microSDHC memory and a 13 mega pixel camera. According to the rumors, Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy S IV on March 15th and make the device available starting sometime in April!

Anyone care for the home and navigation buttons built into your Galaxy S III’s? Anyone want some S-Pen functionality with their Galaxy S III? Sound off below and remember that the best in Samsung accessories can be found here!

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