The Galaxy S Blaze Q gets Renamed to The Galaxy S Relay 4G



The mysterious tale of the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q is not quite over! The last time we saw the Blaze Q it was showing off its front side in some press renderings. Shortly before this small leak the Blaze Q was spotted alongside a release date on some internal T-Mobile documents. Unfortunately that date has come and gone without a release of the phone, but there is good news for any QWERTY loving T-Mobile customers. The Galaxy S Blaze Q has been renamed to the Galaxy S Relay 4G! With a slightly better name and seemingly the same rumored specs, the Relay 4G will be ready soon…hopefully.

The Galaxy S Blaze Q has been tossed around for quite some time. Way back in early June the Blaze Q aka SGH-T699 surfaced to the top of the rumor mill with a not so blurry cam picture of its screen and full five row QWERTY on display. Fast forward to early July and internal TMO documents described its placement on display and about when it should be put on sale. While its original assumed launch date of the 15th of August has come and gone new details of the device have been ousted. New internal TMO documents of the QWERTY slider surfaced to the top of the interwebs last week that gave a bit more insight to the handset as well as a new name. Shortly after the leaky carrier documentation Samsung un-officially made this new QWERTY official by posting it on their site. Unfortunately for anyone interested in going to check out what the new handset has to offer from the horse’s mouth, you’ll have to wait a bit longer as the devices page on Samsungs site has been removed. But before it could be taken down, many parties interested have saved and noted all unknown details and pictures. Unfortunately however the only news that has come from these leaky details is a simple name change from Blaze Q to Relay 4G, one just as disappointing as the other. What we do know about the Relay 4G however has already been covered, but just in case you missed it. The Relay will pack in a 1.5 GHz processor that is assumed to be a Snapdragon S4 chip set, a 4 inch 720p display, HSPA+ 42Mbps 4G data speeds, Android version 4.0, Samsung’s S-Voice feature, NFC capabilities, Hotspot capable up to 8 devices and 50 GB of Dropbox storage. Additionally early reports gave the newly named Relay 4G a 5 mega pixel camera, Bluetooth and GPS connectivity. Sounds like a Galaxy S III wrapped up into a nice little QWERTY slider!

Anyone interested? Looking forward to a new Samsung Galaxy S QWERTY option? Have your prayers been answered? While its original rumored release date has come and gone we can most likely expect the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G in the very near future. So sound off in the comments and let us know what you think of this new handheld typing machine. Oh and one last thing, don’t forget we carry a wide array of the very best in Samsung accessories here.

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