Pre-Order your G2 today, avalible October 6th

Ahh the G2, it seems like only yesterday I was…oh no wait that was yesterday. So the G2 is in the news again and this time in the best way possible, at least up until this point. The T-Mobile G2 has gone up for pre order sales via Best Buy. This is a pretty big head start on the device as it is slated for a early October release.

All day yesterday news surrounding the new G2 was circulating around the interwebs. The new HSPA+ device was officially made official via a good old fashioned press release from T-Mobile. The press release, as I’m sure you can imagine sold all the goodness that the new G2 has to offer and then went on to set the units release up for early October. The information from T-Mobile stated “Exclusive preorder for current T-Mobile customers begins later this month”. Not sure if they meant “tomorrow via Best Buy” but that’s what happened.

Best Buy issued a press release late last night surrounding the pre orders for the new G2. The information was as dull as you could expect. Simply put, the new G2 goes on pre-order on October 10th and is slated for an October 6 release. Now that’s a pretty big head start, but this is surely going to help hype build around the device and surely a strategic move on both Best Buy and mainly T-Mobiles part.  Another cool note to the release of this information is that Best Buy put a name to that weird hinge that slides the G2 open stated “an exclusive hinge design (HTC calls it “Z-Hinge”) that opens up to a QWERTY”. So it’s called a “Z-Hinge”.

200 bucks with a new contract is what the G2 will run you, Froyo 2.2, HSPA+, Full QWERTY, 3.7” S-TFT WVGA touch screen and no HTC Sense just pure unadulterated Android OS.

 Sounds fun, tell us what you think!

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