Fujitsu Set To Expand Raku-Raku Line West


Do you remember the Samsung Jitterbug? No? That’s not really surprising. You may have seen an infomercial or two about the phone late night as you watch the tube in a state of hypnagogia. The small flip phone is just one of many different devices made with the elderly in mind. They sport big buttons easy to use menus and all the details an out of touch user could need. While the many options on the market meet most needs it looks as if Fujitsu will be adding their Android hat into the elder scrolls!

Fujitsu is an international Japanese based hardware and software company that has decided to add their product The Raku-Raku phone into the senior citizen market place. Raku-Raku which translates into “easy” or “comfortable” is a market that the company has already watched peak in Japan. Now Fujitsu is ready to expand the phone and its proposition into the United States and Europe. As smart phone players like Samsung and Apple appeal to the younger crowds, Fujitsu sees an opportunity in the senior market place. The device itself is an Android powered handset that starts with the likes of Android version 4.0 and packs in a 1.4 GHz processor built under a 4 inch 800×480 display and around back, an 8 mega pixel camera. The F12-D as it is called sports ultra large icons on its home screen that will of course give its users clear and to the point one touch access to important functionality. The F12-D has one home screen that shows easy to recognize icons for phone use, retrieving mail, as well as contacts.  Toward the bottom of the home screen is a standard weather widget, short cuts to technical support, voice control and even TV! But that’s not enough! Alongside standard noise cancelling microphones the F12-D can also slow down the voice of a caller. While its unsure if some of these features will make their way to the west ward bound version of the handset it’s safe to say they are on their way. Pricing and carrier information is unfortunately unavailable; however the F12-D should find its way around very soon.

Anyone interested? Is Fujitsu wasting their time? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the power of Android! Also, before you run be sure to check out all our awesome mobile phone accessories today.

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