FroYo for some lucky Nexus One users

Yesterday on the heels of Motorola and Verizon launching their new monster Droid X, Google just so happened to take it upon themselves to start issuing the source code for their highly anticipated Froyo update, or in none desert terms the upgrade of the Android operating system.  

When Google announced the source codes for the new Froyo operating system were being distributed there was a much overly exaggerated sigh of relief. Manufacturers, developers and even more so end users have been waiting for this day to come for quite some time.  Now that the source codes are in the hands of your carrier, it will be left up to some big wig in corporate (enter carrier) to let you know when you can have Froyo. Unfortunately for some users with certain Android phones will not get the cold desert, only time will tell on who ate their supper, I guess. However Google has a phone on the market, it is called the Nexus One have you heard of it? It has been reported by end users all over the internet that they are seeing an OTA (over the air) updates to their Nexus One’s. This update is packed full with the coldest desert Google has produced, Froyo. The reports are stating that the earliest updates were sent late Wednesday night and are seemingly hitting users that are under the T-Mobile or At&t moniker.

If you are on the lookout for this update, be sure to remember that an update of this stature being sent over the air can take up some of your time.

Edit*  It will most likely take a few days for all Nexus One users to see this update.

Have you seen the update to your Nexus One?

Let us know if you are getting Froyo.

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