Froyo can’t stop won’t stop, Motorola updates to original Droid

In the midst of the Droid 2’s epic release it looks like the folks over at Motorola and Verizon have not forgotten about the masses that use the original Droid. The Droid was a staple in the industry, being one of the first highly sought after Droids to show face. Well the Droid is on its way out making room for improvements, but don’t fret Droid user you still get your Froyo!

Earlier today Motorola began shooting out their OTA for the original Droid. And what was in the OTA update, you ask? Well a creamy desert named Froyo. That’s right, you can now install version 2.2 of Androids OS on your Droid, hit your settings button, then to system updates to see if the update has hit your Droid. The update comes with some cool new features however it mysteriously turns the Droid’s Hotspot feature off. We recently posted about this, as one of Verizon’s spokes people stated that the Droid does not have the hardware to support this feature, not really sure as to how true that is, but PhoneScoop was also told that Androids built in tethering feature will also not be supported in the Froyo update. What you can find in the Froyo update for your Droid is overall speed improvements in relation to the entire operating system, the camera and even the web browser. The Droid after the update will now support Flash 10.1 and will give users the option to move apps to and from the SD card. The Froyo update will also bring voice activated dialing via your Bluetooth.

So all in all this is a cool update if you are a Droid users, who was not already using the device to tether. But if the updates not worth it and you think its time for a new phone anyway, keep in mind Verizon launched the tether and hotspot compatible Droid 2 today, just to mess with your head.

Droid user? Update to Froyo yet? Share your experience with us!

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