Froyo may hit HTC Incredible this week

It may be hard to believe that the Droid Incredible has not seen its Froyo update yet. It may be even harder to believe there are actually some lucky people out there that actually own a Droid Incredible as they are somewhat hard to get, due to delays in manufacturing. So with all the un-believable’s out of the way it seems that the ever powerful and epic Incredible will be getting some Froyo love as early as this week.

According to Mashable.Com the Verizon Droid Incredible should see the much anticipated Froyo update as soon as August 18th. The site mentions earlier reports of Verizon team members using Froyo on their Incredible’s, but it looks like it’s time to spread the Froyo! The update has most likely been going through some rigorous testing phases. However, nearly all its competitors have already seen the update. The Nexus One, the EVO 4G and even the recently dumped Droid has received the update. So it’s about damn time. If you have updated your Android handset to Froyo I’m sure you are aware of all its improvements and glorious updates to certain parts of the device. If you have read of Froyo improvements this should be familiar. The Froyo update will bring Flash 10.1 to the Incredible as well as USB tethering and hotspot functionality. Overall improvements to the OS will include faster data crunching speeds.

Looks like Incredible users have finally gotten what they have been asking for. If this bit of intel is to be believed Incredible users should see this update hitting their handsets within this week, so be on the lookout and drop us a line when you install it. Or in the mean time let us know why you think it took so long for this update!

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