Froyo and your EVO

Your Sprint EVO may be getting a Froyo fix sooner than you think. In recent news Sprint has taken it upon themselves too, in other words revive their company. Lowering their everything plans releasing new Android phones and offering the first 4G network. Sprint has  simple stated “stepped it up”. This marketing model has seemingly worked for Sprint as they are seeing more and more users on their network, with other contracted consumers seriously considering a switch based on the impressive specs of Sprints new flagship device the EVO 4G.  

Sprint announced today that they will be issuing the much anticipated Android Froyo update to the EVO 4G in the very near future. The assumption here is that when Verizon and Motorola announced their Droid X, Sprint indeed took notice. Shortly after the announcement of the Droid X, Google proceeded to issue the source codes for Froyo. So not to be out done by the new Motorola monster, Sprint will be issuing the new operating system in the very near future and is using the leverage of Froyo to keep up the interest on their beloved EVO 4G. For all intensive purposes it seems that the tactic falls in line with their before mentioned plan and will most surely work.

The Froyo update in case you have not been keeping up will essentially install the new Flash Player 10.1 as well as giving the user the ability to save applications to external memory. An expert from Sprints official statement reads; “As work on finalizing the software is underway, Sprint expects to launch Android 2.2 in the near future. It will also be available as an upgrade on the recently launched HTC EVO 4G”. The statement goes on to detail some of the changes the update will provide, these consist of updates to the user interface or UI, improvements to EAS support, updates to the phones browser which include the renowned Flash player. Also with the update comes voice dialing via your Bluetooth and my personal favorite, storing applications on your SD card.

The Froyo update for the Droid and Droid X are expected around July and August, however you can bet your bottom dollar that Froyo will make it to the EVO 4G sooner than that.

Are you an EVO user? Are you looking forward to the new OS on your EVO?

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