Froyo Can’t stop won’t stop, Droid X gets 2.2 unexpected preview

So the Froyo madness has officially begun. With todays launch of Froyo on Sprints HTC Evo, I think we can officially claim that the Froyo goodness is here to stay, at least until Gingerbread shows its face. The updates and features that were brought into the loop with Froyo have made the phones it runs on expectedly more amazing and now the Droid X gets into the loop!!!

But what about the Androids that have not received the Froyo update? Think what happened when Froyo hit the Nexus One, it wasn’t long before we saw rooted versions of the OS on devices it wasn’t yet released for. Today is no exception. From Android Central we see Froyo rocking a Droid X and it is surely impressing interested parties. One of Android Centrals forums posters has taken this even a step further by making a video of his exploitations, check it out below. Funny enough the poster is not quite sure how exactly he came across this update and the word luck is in play here. ?.  But after watching the video it surely does look like Froyo is running quite smoothly on this poster’s Motorola Droid X. The forum poster goes on to state that Flash is running well within his Droid X and Flash based sites work just as if they would working on a desktop. Specs from the lucky mans Droid X read as follows; System Version: Version 2.2.1.MB810.Verizon.en.US , eng build, Model Number: DROIDX, Android Version: 2.2, Baseband Version: BP_C_01.09.04P, Kernel Version:, w30471@il93lnxdroid08 #1, Build Number: VZW, ERI Version: 5, PRL Version: 51926.

If you’re a Droid X user waiting for Froyo, don’t fret you will see the update soon. But until then check out the thread at Android Central to see this lucky mans posting, about the details of his findings. And check the video he made below.

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