A little Froyo with your X?

 Droid X users who picked up there beautifully large new device are surely satisfied. However, there is a little flavor lacking from the handset which most early adopters probably assumed would have been added to the ingredients list already. Froyo, a little Android 2.2, is being added into the mix folks.

Droid-Life has seemingly turned up some details surrounding the Droid X’s future, and well its filled with the frozen goodness of yogurt. The support page for the Droid X found at Verizon’s mobile website, shows to have been updated. The update goes on to state that the Droid X could see its 2.2 update starting tomorrow. Yes that’s right, tomorrow September 22, 2010. The update is surely already in the process of being pushed out and as your Droid X is surely a well rounded phone it can go get the ball instead of simply waiting for it. Go to Settings>About>System Updates and begin the quest for Droid X 2.2 now. The update will bring the likes of Adobe Flash Player 10.1, a “quick key” if you will, to switch between your 8 most recently used apps, improved performance within the browser amongst Java intense websites. Other updates will allow users to rotate there Droid X’s screen at 270 degrees, Automatic app updates as well as an app to SD function. Double click the pic above to check out the full list of updates for 2.2

But its official now folks, no more leaks! Go get you some 2.2 for your Droid X. Remember Settings>About>System Updates will let the device “pull” the update, if it can be found of course. Let us know how it goes!

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