The Froyo Rumors churn: Droid, Droid X, and Incredible users listen up

If you haven’t heard of Froyo, well it’s this delicious concoction of yogurt and freeze, you should try some it’s yummy. Ok all joking aside, Froyo is the next update to the Android platform and Android users around the world can simply not wait for this update.

Froyo or Android OS 2.2 has made its face visible almost a month ago when Google released the source codes to all its cohorts. Right around the same time they 2.2 update was made available for the flagship Google Nexus One. But all other Android users were left to wait it out, and hope that their carriers can figure optimize the OS for all compatible phones. But the waiting game is still on, however yesterday brought the industry another rumor to chew on. It seems like a tipster shouted out to AndroidSpin.Com and stated that a Froyo update could potentially be made available as early as next week. Only problem is the update will only be for the original Motorola Droid, the new Motorola Droid X and the hard to find HTC Droid Incredible. As there is no official word from Verizon on the matter, so be sure to take this rumor with a large grain of salt. The tip stated that the update would begin August 6th and should have hit all registered models be August 15th. Reading back into history this rumor does seem to hold at least a little weight as Motorola and Verizon stated at the launch of the X that a Froyo update would be made available for the Droid X by “late summer”.

If you are an Incredible, Droid, or Droid X user be on the lookout for the update as the benefits of Froyo are sure to make you your phone better, Yes better. It is possible

Let us know if you see the update next week,

Looking forward to Froyo?

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