How to Get Your Free iPhone 4 Case

Apple promised everyone who bought the new iPhone 4 a free case for it to eliminate the ‘death grip’ problem the smartphone suffers from. While CEO Steve Job’s announcement that free cases were in store for everyone —along with refunds for those who purchased one—was excellent news and at least a good step in the right direction, he did not go into specifics. Those specifics have finally emerged and if your iPhone 4 is sufferings from ‘Antennagate,’ you should be pleased.

Always a tech-savvy company, Apple has decided to use an app to manage the sign-up process. Available now through the iTunes app store, it streamlines the process and can be done from anywhere in minutes. You simply enter your iTunes information (password and username) and then select which case you want. The popular rubber bumper cases are expected to run out, so if you want one you should do this ASAP. Other cases are also available for free too, so if the bumper is not your cup of tea, you have options.

The refunds promised to customers who already purchased a case have also started coming in. The refund is automatic, so if you are eligible, expect an email from Apple (and your money back of course). If you are still angry about all the problems that the iPhone 4 has, you can sit back and smile at this little fact. Apple expects that this will cost the company around $175 million dollars.

Pleased that Apple is delivering on its promises? Think that the free cases are a legitimate fix? Pleased with your new iPhone 4 or disappointed? Drop a comment and let me know.

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