No Flash for original Droid users?


The original Droid from Motorola made some waves in the Android world when released many moons ago. The recent launch of the new Droid X and Droid 2 have essentially made the original Droid outdated and behind in the times. However, Verizon and Motorola have not stopped pushing support to the model. Recently the OG Droid has seen its fair share of Froyo, but it seems that one of the perks with Froyo has been left behind when installed on the Droid.

Newly posted requirements laid out by Adobe put the new Flash 10.1 player out of reach for a slew of Android phones, Droid included. The new requirements state that a VGA based smartphone would need to run a “Dedicated Cortex A8 550MHz App Processor” and WVGA devices would need to run a “Dedicated Cortex A8 800MHz App Processor”.  This unfortunately putting the likes of the Motorola Droid out in the cold, as we all know the Moto Droid is a 3.7-inch,  WVGA touch screen (480 x 854 pixels) running a Arm® Cortex™ A8 processor 550 MHz. If you are a rooted Droid user you most likely feel no pain as over clocking to meet the requirements is no problem, but if you are one of the thousands of Droid users who stay away from rooting, let it be known that your updates and support for the 10.1 Flash player will surely cease.

When reading up on the issue it seems that there are plenty original Droid users that are not rooted, running the standard Froyo 2.2 and seemingly play Flash websites with no problem. One Droid user within noted that he watched an old TV show on his Droid with no problems.

So what gives? New requirements put the original Droid out in the wind when it comes to Flash, but most who have updated are surely scratching their heads. I can make only one thing out of this, the new set of standards is simply a “suggestion” if you will. A minimum requirement, if your device is under this new set of standards, you will most likely not see any support in the future.

Own an Original Droid? Running Flash 10.1 no problem? Let us know what you think of Adobe’s new standards.

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