Flash fully operational on Nexus One

The day has finally come, we can see Flash running at full capacity on an Android based mobile device. While most common users are unaware to what Flash is or why they would need it on their phone, me and you know better. This is exciting to everyone who is not an IPhone junkie, and even more exciting is watching the video of Ryan Stewart from Adobe running the ever popular Flash on a ‘Froyo’ Android. The Nexus One in the video is indeed running the anticipated Android 2.1v ‘Froyo’, which in itself is amazing news.

Looking over the video it is purely silky the way Flash operates.  The limited (and most definitely pre-selected) Flash based sites that Ryan visits in the video seem to be operating effortlessly, and would most likely put an average man’s computer to shame (the one I’m writing on now).  However one of the more intriguing things is that this Nexus One is a touch screen and is running Flash. If you remember recently the CEO of Apple made a statement as to why Flash is not supported on their amazingly popular I-devices.  One of these reason’s and seemingly one of the strong points is that Flash was developed for mice, well after viewing this video Steve you can surely tell that the mice have grown fingers.

I’m very excited about this development (not more than our web designer) and I’m looking forward to updates to this in the near future, will the EVO I’m waiting for have this capability? Although thinking about it now, I really don’t need flash on my phone. Check out the video of Adobe’s Ryan Stewart running Flash with no hitches glitches or crashes here.  

Let us know what you think of Flash being on your mobile device.

Oh and Ryan if you read this, can you demo Flash on the Nexus One while it is not charging?

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