Flash on iPhone: Frash Jailbreak is Here

The entire Apple iOS-powered product line of iPhones, iPod touches and iPads are not going to get an official release of Adobe Flash anytime in the foreseeable future, but all hope is not lost. Thanks to Frash—a background app for jailbroken iOS devices—Flash can finally run on Apple’s hardware. Of course, Frash is still very much a work in progress and not even in beta, but is instead in alpha version 0.2. Please note that Frash has been working on Apple’s iPad for a while now, but the latest release brings it to the rest of the iOS family.

Despite its current limitations in the form of sluggish and sometimes buggy performance, Frash does offer the hope of a government sanctioned undermining of Apple CEO Steve Jobs’s decision to not allow Adobe to support iOS as a platform for its popular format. Jailbreaking cellular devices was formally legalized recently in the form of an amendment to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Now that nothing is stopping anyone from doing as they please with Apple’s hardware, we could see a lot more things like this in the future.

I find it kind of amusing that Adobe still has not released Flash for BlackBerrys yet, but hackers have managed to compile it for an unsupported system. Oh well, by the time a solid version of Frash is available for the iPhone and family, BlackBerry owners should be enjoying the official release for their platform. With Adobe’s track record with Flash, I suspect that they will run about the same speed on comparable hardware. It’s a shame that Adobe’s Flash has suffered from so many bugs, security flaws, and poor performance over the years, but props to Comex, the hacker who wrote Frash. Maybe Adobe should hire him.

Excited about having Flash support on your iPhone? Let me know if you’ll want to jailbreak and install Frash once a more stable version is running. Or are you just going to wait until Apple uses its clout to try to force a change in web formats?

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