Where is Flash for BlackBerry?

Adobe Flash player support was promised to be released on BlackBerrys this summer. Last time I checked, summer is pretty much over and Flash still has not made an appearance on Research In Motion’s (RIM) smartphone. Even the Android OS version of Flash is… well let’s be blunt here. It sucks. Pretty hard. Should BlackBerry owners keep holding their breaths for Flash or should they just let this die?

If you need any proof about the quality of Flash running on Android OS right now, just Google search up some videos. The reason I am on a Flash bashing rant here is because the last Flash formatted video I tried to watch about how Flash runs on Android (on my laptop computer no less), Flash player virtually crashed in my browser, stopped responding, kept playing sound and put out about one frame per five seconds. How exactly is Adobe expecting Flash to run on mobile devices when it hardly runs sometimes on full blown computers? Oh, and in the video I was only able to hear the audio from, Flash ran just as poorly on an Android OS 2.2 Froyo, Nexus One connected via Wi-Fi. Talk about irony.

So where is Flash for BlackBerry? The rumors say that the BlackBerry BlackPad will have hardware acceleration support for Flash. Why would RIM even bother to put that feature in when Adobe has not gotten around to making Flash even work on the platform? And lets not forget the fact that all of the nicer BlackBerrys out right now (Torch included) are using processors from 2008. BlackBerrys are not exactly the fastest smartphones around. My advice to RIM? Ignore Adobe until it gets its stuff together and keep pushing for HTML5.

Still a fan of Flash or do you want HTML5 to replace it for serving up videos online? Anyone have an Android that can actually play videos nice enough that you can watch? How about the BlackBerry crowd. Really think Adobe can get Flash to run? Let me know.

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