Flash 10.1 for Your BlackBerry

Well Adobe finally got around to releasing Flash 10.1 for mobile devices and is promising that the new Flash 10.1 mobile is fully optimized for mobile devices and their hardware limitations. However, the news is not all good. It’s those pesky Android OS users that will be able to use Flash Player first if they have Android 2.2. Adobe teaming up with Google perhaps to stick it to Apple? As for your BlackBerry, Research In Motion Ltd.’s (RIM) BlackBerry Platform Senior Vice-President, Alan Brenner, commented, “Customers want a rich experience on mobile devices with access to the full Web featuring Adobe Flash content.” Talk about vague. Okay, so when does the BlackBerry get this?

Well, all Adobe has said in regards smartphone platforms besides Android is “in coming months.” Right. Personally, I am hoping that it will be either installed with BlackBerry OS 6, or perhaps available with the coming OS’s first update. Adobe does plan to have Flash 10.1 on a third of all smartphones by sometime in 2011, so with RIM having such a large market share, it will be essential that not only a version come out for the BlackBerry soon, it will have to be all of the things that Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs criticized it for. Most especially for corporate users, it will have to be secure.

I just feel bad for all of those Windows Mobile smartphone users. It looks like Flash 10.1 will not be available for anything that does not Windows Mobile 7. Ouch. And as for all of those Android OS users, carriers have not been exactly forthcoming with updates to new versions of the OS. With Android 2.2 a requirement, many older Android phones could be left out.

Heck, it would not surprise me with how resource hungry Flash Player is, that anything not capable of running BlackBerry OS 6 could be left in the cold. You would hope that Adobe would finally get its Flash act together and release something quick and reliable, yet I still have problems all the time on my desktop computer and Flash Player when trying to watch my favorite shows streaming. If Adobe still cannot get Flash to work as well as it should on a desktop, who is to say that this mobile version is going to live up to the hype?

As for the BlackBerry, no one really knows when it will finally get Flash except perhaps for some of RIM’s development teams. Furthermore, there has been no word yet on what devices would be supported. Do you want Flash on your BlackBerry? Is it something that BlackBerry users really want or need? Let me know. In the meantime, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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