Flash 10.1 comes out of Beta

If you are running an Android phone you are most likely aware that you can run full Flash websites with ease. But what you may not know is that the “full” Flash 10.1 commonly found on phones that have Froyo updates is indeed in beta. Well Beta-less Flash is on the way.

When initially spotted the update seemed to be available for all running Androids OS version 2.2, however recently it seems that the full update is only currently available to Nexus One users. Makes sense, testing the app with the training wheels off on the Android flagship phone. So with the update Nexus One users will be able to browse full Flash websites as well as be able to access some really good media directly from the phones web browser. Embedded videos and some amazing online games are now fully available. Now this is not an open door to the way your desktop might show Flash as there are still some sites out there that have gotten wind of Adobe’s mobile endeavors and are looking to capitalize (Hulu being one of them). In the grand scheme of Adobe’s mobile take over this is a very big step, as their plans include full Flash running on Blackberry’s, Palm OS phones and even WP7.

So it looks like we are all one step closer to dropping the beta off of our Flash applications. With the initial launch almost expectedly being limited to the Nexus One, the update should be rolling out to most other 2.2 based devices in the near future.

Be on the lookout for the beta-less version of Flash on its way to your mobile. But in the mean time, tell us what you think about Flash on your phone. Is it for you? Or even needed generally speaking?

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