Flash 10.1 on your Android

Yesterday Adobe announced what they have been working on for quite some time, their Flash Player 10.1 for mobile devices. Awhile back Apples CEO Steve Jobs made an open statement to the public as to why there would be no Flash content on his lovely little iPhones. Jobs went on saying that Adobe has not had a working version of their software fully functional on a mobile device. Well Steve, the time may have come to..well eat your words.

News out of the Adobe camp yesterday states that a working version of Flash 10.1 has been released to its mobile cohorts.  The Flash Player 10.1 will be fully functional on Android models running 2.2 or Froyo. The final version or the production version of Flash Player 10.1 will be fully released when the update to Android becomes official. The update on the Froyo launch has yet to be exposed by Google, however many Android phones are expected to get the update.

Gaget Lab’s has had the opportunity to see  Flash 10.1 run on a Froyo Android, stating that it is fun to see Flash in action but there are indeed some reasons for concern.  Gadget Labs first look at Flash on an Android was running on a Google Nexus one but was not a perfect run however, claiming that the loading times were frustrating to say the least and the device would be lacking in bandwidth. This seems expected as I’m sure there are small bugs and updates that will need to be worked out and issued to users. On a good however it seems that Adobe is indeed on the right path with this.

The Flash Player 10.1 is set to also run on Blackberrys, Palms WebOS and upcoming Windows, Meego, and Symbian operating phones.

If and when Flash 10.1 Is working smoothly on all platforms, then and only then shall Mr. Jobs get the go ahead to put that foot of his, directly in his mouth.

Tell me what you think, will Steve Job’s predictions of Flash running on a mobile device come to surface or will Flash 10.1 rake in the success of their hard work?

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