Firefox Home Arrives on iPhone

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Mozilla, the maker of the popular desktop PC web browser Firefox, has submitted an app to Apple for review. While the app is not a full web browser like Firefox, it does offer a lot of functionality that users of Firefox will find useful. Called Firefox Home, the free app synchronizes your bookmarks, history and open tabs from your PC to your iPhone. Unfortunately,  the “sync” is more a “push” and does not transfer data from your iPhone back to your computer. Besides the sync features, the app also includes Mozilla’s “Awesome Bar,” which suggests sites as you type. 

The sync features works through an extension you must install on your computer into Firefox. After both the PC extension and the iPhone app are installed and configured, you can simply leave your computer and open everything that was open in Firefox on your iPhone. Pretty sweet. 

Why no full browser from Mozilla though? Well Apple would probably not allow it on its app store since it duplicates functionality built-into the iPhone (web browsing). Firefox is far more popular than Apple’s own browser—Safari—and if everyone installs Firefox instead of using the version of Safari available on the iPhone, Apple would no longer have a way to convert iPhone and iPod touch users to using Safari for their desktop browsing. 

Personally, I am a little annoyed that Apple’s iTunes installer put Safari on my PC the last time I updated, but I probably should have been paying more attention when trying to get iOS 4. Browsers are not exactly Apple’s forte, and while I do not mind Safari on the iOS devices that I own, I am not inclined to make the switch from Google Chrome to Safari for my PC browsing needs. Now there is an idea I would like but will probably never see. Chrome for iPhone. I can dream right? 

So, will you be trying out Firefox Home on your iPhone or other iOS-powered device when it finally comes out? Too much hassle to switch to Firefox for your regular browsing needs just to get your bookmarks onto your iPhone? Let me know what you think.

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