Fastest Text in the world on an iPhone, no Swype needed

If you remember when the Omina 2 line up from Samsung was making waves across the country awhile back, you also may remember the Samsung commercial’s that aired on TV showing a Samsung employee break the fastest texting record with the powers of Swype. Well guess what, records are meant to be broken and broken it has been, twice.

Monday morning earlier this week brought the amazing news that the Guinness World record for texting has been demolished by almost ten seconds. The two sentence 26 word text used by the people at the Guinness Book reads like this. “The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human”. The original record set in the commercial awhile back was set at 35.54 seconds. No folks it was not a crazy tween texter that broke this record, it was Melissa Thompson a 27 year old British women who works in the insurance industry shattered the set 35.54 seconds with her time of 25.94 seconds. Thompson was quoted by the AP saying, “I used to send a lot of text messages, 40 or 50-a-day to Chris alone so we both knew I could type fast”. Well done Melissa, well done.

Only problem is well this guy can do it faster! In just fewer than 22 seconds with no Swype just the good old keyboard found on an iPhone. Brian who is 19 tested his texting skills via a video and shows to pump in the 26 word phrase in 21.8 seconds. Not controlled or even monitored by the folks at Guinness, but damn this kid can text. Hey Guinness go check him out, he doesn’t even use Swype. Check out Brian’s video below and then try and get your name in the record books.

Think you can text this fast? Make a video of it and show the world!

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