FaceTime Really Might Come to the iPod touch

Facetime running on 3G

While it is by no means official, excellent news for Apple fans has come in the form of leaked images from parts and case manufacturers—they reveal cameras on the yet unreleased 4th generation iPod touch. These pictures give some credibility to at least one of those crazy Apple rumors I wrote about recently.

One of the images is most likely a Photoshop job, but it quite nicely shows a rear camera fitting through a third party iPod touch case. However, whether or not the final camera position will be as in the picture (it is position in the upper left corner of the back like the camera in an iPhone), is up for debate. Since photo abilities for the next iPod touch really should be a no brainer on Apple’s part, someone might have just Photoshopped away and figured that the picture would make sense.

The second picture is much less likely to have been edited and shows what appears to be a hole for a front facing camera for FaceTime in an unfinished iPod touch chassis. FaceTime support should also be another no brainer for Apple since developing a user base for the feature is essential for the company’s plans. Before you completely scrap your plans to get an iPhone 4 just for FaceTime, please note that since these are still unverified, don’t cry if they turn out to be just rumors and an iPod touch without any camera makes an appearance. However, if I was forced to bet, I would give the odds to these being close to the truth.

Let us know if you think the next iPod touch is going to have front and rear facing cameras in light of these pictures and if you think video calling has a future over Wi-Fi or if FaceTime over 3G on an unlocked iPhone 4 is where it is at. I await your responses.

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