Facebook’s iPhone App Gets a Much Needed Update

A new version of Facebook’s iOS app hit the iTunes App Store yesterday. It brings plenty of bug fixes and more stability to the app. Since the iOS Facebook has 46.3 million active users, Facebook seems to be pushing updates for the app at a much faster pace than Android and BlackBerry users are getting. Where is your Places feature guys and girls? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Now that Facebook for iOS is at version 3.2.3, I of course updated. However, I still get error messages sometimes. Especially when I try to view notifications about comments on pictures. This happen for anyone else? The mobile version of the site even has the same problem. I actually have to open the full web version on my iOS devices sometimes to just get notifications to open to the page they are linking to. Not a huge deal, but a pain. I suspect it has something to do with certain combinations of privacy settings.

Besides the gripe about the Facebook app still having problems with notifications, the app does seem to be running faster. It certainly has come a long ways from earlier versions. I am even having less problems dealing with pictures via the app. It’s not perfect yet, but the way over-the-air updates work means that every app now is continually adding new features and fixing bugs at the same time. Not a big deal.

While I might have joked about the Places feature earlier, I am still a little hesitant to use it. Do I really want everyone on my friends list to know where I am? I don’t think anyone on Facebook actually knows everyone on their friends list in person anymore, and you can never be too careful. Do you use it yet? Will you ever?

While the update isn’t huge, it is good. Facebook has rested in my dock for nearly a year now and I have pretty much stopped using the mobile website version completely. The app is just so much handier and feels faster. If you haven’t updated it recently, now is the time. The App Store icon is waiting for you to after all.

Let me know if you like the update and if you still run into any bugs.

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