Anyone Else Suspicious of Facebook Places?

You may have heard about Facebook’s new Places feature. While the idea behind it certainly is interesting, Facebook’s implementation is dubious. No surprise there. In fact, unless you manually change your privacy settings right now, your friends on Facebook have the ability to know where you are. Trust me, it gets even worse.

While it might not sound all that bad for your Facebook friends to know where you are via your iOS device and your Facebook addication, just remember how many Facebook friends you have who you’re, well, not really friends with. Do your really want that awkward college friend who tags along to stalk you? How about an ex-girlfriend? Factor in that these ‘Locations’ are initially set to private, but can become public by themselves if enough people people check into them, and you have a recipe for disaster. Do you really want your house to become a public Facebook location if enough of your friends let Facebook know that they are hanging out there? Plus, friends can check you into Places without your permission with the default privacy settings.

The good news is that by simply logging onto Facebook via your computer, you can fix this. Just go to your privacy settings > customize > things others share > Friends can check me into places and disable. Phew, fixed. Of course, Facebook is notorious for letting everyone know everything about you. Remember all of that Facebook user data floating around BitTorrent? Yeah.

Now that you know what Places entails, will you still be using the service? I certainly am suspicious of the service and the potential it has for criminals. How would you feel if your house becomes a public Facebook place and searchable? GPS coordinates and all the personal data a thief could ever want are served up on a silver platter.

Let me know how you feel about this and this makes you reconsider keeping your Facebook account. I want to know how you all feel about Facebook’s decision to go with this so let the comments fly!

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