Facebook Places Comes to BlackBerry with App Version 1.9

The FaceBook app for BlackBerry smartphones has just been updated to version 1.9 at the BlackBerry App World and it finally has the Places feature. The BlackBerry Facebook app has always been a step or two (or three or four) behind the iOS and Android versions so it is very good to see that it has finally gotten some of the attention that it deserves. Don’t worry, besides just Places there are quite a few more features to be found in the release (version to be exact).

What’s new in the Facebook app for BlackBerry:

Places makes its first appearance on the BlackBerry and includes all of the standard features including checking in, checking in friends, browsing places nearby that you and friends have checked into in the past and commenting. Of course, Places also has GPS and BlackBerry maps integration and you can get directions to guide you to where your friends are checked into. Now that iOS, Android and BlackBerry all have Places finally, expect it to explode in popularity.

Also new in Facebook v1.9 is that your friends’ pictures now appear in your friends list. Besides that, your last 30 Facebook messages now appear in your BB inbox and when you read them from either the BB inbox or the app, they are marked as read on Facebook’s servers. Phew! No more “which messages did I already read!?” dilemma.

The new version of the app also has an updated user interface, the general bug fixes and improved searching. I’m very happy that Research In Motion (RIM) has updated its Facebook app. My previous rant about Facebook on the BlackBerry still applies though. These features should have come out a long time ago. BlackBerry OS 6 is all about social network right? What good is it to have a smartphone with a GPS inside of it unless you can actually use it with the largest social network in the world? All of us from grade-schoolers to CEOs are on Facebook now, so improvements to RIM’s Facebook app should not be put on the backburner like this one was. At least we all have Places now, even if it did take forever.

Go download the Facebook for BlackBerry app from the App World. After you’ve got it installed and working, let me know what you think. Was it worth the wait? RIM still not put in some features that you wish it had? Let me know in the comments.

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