The Facebook Phone, as if you couldn’t get enough

So it seems that Facebook’s billions may not be enough for The Zuck and his crew. Facebook the widely popular social networking site, started as network for students. Initially users would need a dot edu email address to join. I’m sure you know those days are long gone. Everyone and there momma have a Facebook account at this point. And mostly anyone using a smart phone has direct access to their account no matter where they are. What could be better for the avid FB user? Well a Facebook phone of course.

The technology based website Techcrunch reported this bit of info recently with other details coming out of Business Insider. According to their source “who has knowledge of the project” two high level employees of Facebook are secretly creating a smartphone that is heavily integrated with the social network. The source from TechCrunch states that Facebook is apparently a little scared of the potential competition from Apple and Google and feels that their existing Android and iOS based apps are not thorough enough to compete with the likes. Further information from the source put the device on the ass end of the market priced at 50 bucks or less. The two high level employees who get such a task, Joe Hewitt and Matthew Papakipos who both have extensive experience in the area. Hewitt wrote the Facebook iPhone app and Papakipos was formerly the Director of engineering over at Google enough said. Adding fuel to this fire the former lead project manager for Android Erick Tseng has recently left Google to work with The Zuck over at Facebook.

Facebook has recently shot down the idea telling Mashable.Com that “The story, which originated in TechCrunch, is not accurate”, “Facebook is not building a phone.” Facebook went on to state they will continue to focus on “deep integration” with current mobile operating systems, and that “building phones is just not what we do.” I wouldn’t put this out of the wood to fast as it indeed could be a secret shrouded from even the PR department.

Facebook phone? What do you think?

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