Facebook App for webOS Finally Updated to 1.5 and Adds ‘Places’

Long suffering Palm owners finally have access to Facebook Places.


It is official: the Facebook app for HP webOS has been updated to version 1.5 and it is now possible to check-in to “Places” to let your friends know where you are and what you are doing. The ability to use Facebook chat will be added through a coming update to HP webOS 2.0 in the near future. If that is not enough to warm the hearts of the Palm faithful sticking through the pain of HP’s purchase of Palm then I don’t know what is. 

Overview of what’s in Facebook version 1.5 for HP webOS: 

  • Facebook Places now supported
  • View contact info from Facebook through Synergy
  • Directly upload photos to Facebook from the Photos app
  • JustType can send status updates
  • Requires HP webOS 1.3.1

Now about Facebook Chat. “Facebook Chat will be supported by the Messaging app in a forthcoming update to HP webOS 2.0” according to Palm’s Justin Reid via a post on Palm’s HP webOS thread on Facebook. When exactly will this update come out? That’s open for debate. It’s not clear if it is part of the webOS 2.0.1 update that Palm has already released but carriers have not started sending out over-the-air (OTA) or in the webOS 2.1 update that has been rumored to be on the way. (webOS 2.1 is the version that is expected to bring older Palm models like the Palm Pre and Pixi up to date as well.) 

While we all wait to see how Palm plays this, go download the new version of Facebook for webOS! The Places feature is only available via smart phones so if you’ve been using a Palm, you’ve never had the chance to use it until now. Just remember to check your profile settings on Facebook to ensure your privacy. If not changed, they allow others to check you into areas without your permission. 

Try explaining to your girlfriend why all your buddies checked you into the bar with them after you promised her you were going to the homeless shelter to volunteer your time. Okay, maybe that’s an extreme example but it’s quite possible. If you have a stalker…well, you might just want to turn off the feature completely. Until we start getting used to people being able to view our location via Places, a mess similar to the one that Facebook and MySpace brought with them with others being able to read status updates because of configured settings will be present. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

Have fun with Facebook Places on webOS!

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