Explosion at Foxconn facility may cause iPad 2 delays

If you ever wondered where your beloved electronic gadgets where made, you may have a pretty simple answer – China. This is indeed for the most part correct. However there are many manufacturing companies in China that are producing our electronic goodies. Foxconn is one of these companies and is most notably known for making your beloved iPhone’s and iPads. The company has been in the news recently as suicide rates of employees have increased and of course eyes and fingers point at Apple. More horrible news out of China today will put more pressure and more blame in the pocket of Apple.

Reports are surfacing today that a large explosion has torn through a Foxconn facility in south west China Friday night. The plant is said to be one of the companies “high-tech” facilities. Foxconn has reported the local fire departments have the explosion under control and the “cause of the explosion is being investigated by local police.” The local government has confirmed the death of two people as well as 16 injured three of which are in serious condition. Initial reports from the local government claim foul play was not involved.  The location of the blast has been recognized in the past to be a manufacturing location for Apple’s beloved iPad. At this point there has been no official comment from Apple. Since the launch of the iPad 2 Apple has had a tough time keeping up with their demand. Currently the iPad 2 has a one to two week delay in shipping once ordered. This explosion while not confirmed will presumably delay shipments of the beloved iPad 2 even further. The facility is said to be a “polishing plant” and is presumed to be the last step in making a super shiny iPad 2. There is indeed a good chance this could delay iPad 2 manufacturing, however as one analyst points out Foxconn  is a rather large company and most likely has the production and finishing process spread out amongst many facilities.

While you don’t have to worry about your iPad 2 shipment being delayed just yet, please take a second and realize what goes into making your pretty electronic devices and who it effects other then the end user. Thoughts and sentiments go out to the workers of Foxconn.

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