Expansion time for T-Mobile’s HSPA+


T-Mobile has been in the news lately in regard to the new G2 that will be launching soon. The new G2 is T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ device that will rock your socks off! OK I’m not sure about its full capabilities, but if the down load times of 11Mbps are to be believed, well yea knock your socks off for sure. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network is growing rapidly, one could say faster than Sprints 4G, but that would be hear say. So today comes more news out of T-Mobile and it looks as people in 9 more cities can bask in the love of HSPA+.

Careful not to call their new HSPA+ network ‘4G’ T-Mobile is on a rampage expanding their HSPA+ network, that in some case’s exceeds tested 4G speeds. They don’t care what you call it, just make it go fast. The end of the day yesterday brought the world a short, brief and to the point press release from T-Mobile. The press release comes on the heels of some more G2 exposure and expands there network a little further.  While there are still no HSPA+ compatible phones on the market, it would seem that T-Mobile is taking this new network quite serious with their bubbling expansion and one could assume that after the launch of the G2, HSPA+ device’s will show face in all form factors. So for now if you live in Topeka, KS; Spokane, WA; Richmond, VA; Miami, FL; San Diego, CA; Palm Springs, CA; Fresno, CA; Erie, PA; or Boston, MA you are now covered under the warm blanket of HSPA+. Unfortunately for now you can’t really do much with it, but you will get your chance and you will probably not be disappointed.

Live in any of these sectors of the globe? T-Mobile customer, who can’t wait to test out HSPA+? Sound off below and let us know what you think about T-Mobiles expansion.

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