What is the EVO Shift 4G from HTC?

Pic via GoodandEvo.Com

Smartphone manufacturer HTC has just filed for trademarks for “HTC EVO Shift 4G” and “HTC EVO 4G Shift” in the US. As you are probably aware, HTC makes the EVO 4G smartphone for Sprint. However, the company also makes the HTC Shift (an ultra portable that dual-boots Windows and HTC’s SnapVUE PDA OS) so this might mean HTC wants to merge the two into some type of hybrid device. We can certainly hope so can’t we?

The EVO 4G is a flagship class smartphone that runs on Sprint’s 4G WiMax network. The HTC Shift is an interesting little device with a 7” screen with two processors (one for running Windows and one for running the always on ‘PDA mode’). HTC could be updating the Shift to WiMax and sending it over to Sprint. Could we see this with some version of Google’s Android on it in some type of tablet configuration that keeps the slide-out QWERTY keyboard? Now that certainly would be an interesting design.

What kind of specs can we hope to see in this EVO Shift 4G? The Shift has an 800 MHz Intel processor capable of running Windows Vista Business.  Putting this into some type of smartphone/tablet configuration might mean HTC will toss one of the new dual-core mobile processors that are entering production. 2011 will be the year of tablets, video calling, 4G, 1080p video recording and dual-core processors in mobile devices.

Everyone has been waiting for HTC to enter the tablet wars. An old, old rumor from DownloadSquad that HTC will launch a Google Chrome OS powered tablet on November 26th makes me wonder exactly what this EVO 4G Shift will be. Google wants its Chrome OS to power tablets instead of Android which it wants to reserve for smartphones. Manufacturers have been jumping the gun (can’t really blame them since Apple’s iPad doesn’t have any competition right now) and throwing Android 2.x (even 1.x in some cases) onto tablets before the holiday season.

Love the EVO 4G? Want to see it in a tablet form?

Could this be the first real competitor (besides the Galaxy S Tab) to Apple’s iPad dominance?

I can’t wait until all the mobile manufacturers start going head to head in the tablet department. Look at the devices that the smartphone wars have gotten us. Let me know what you think. Will tablets take off or will everyone stick with a laptop and a smartphone?

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